After a comfortable sleep of night, our first morning in Ladakh was very great and we were feeling good & didn’t have any symptom of AMS. So now were ready for local city tour.

Ladakh – Winter’s Tale – Part 1

After being ready in a while, we went for the breakfast at hotel’s dining hall and after breakfast walked to reception area. They have set a thermometer at reception area and told us the temperature which is -9°C. It was thrilling to us and at the same time adrenaline coursed through our body. But we were equipped with all proper gears to battle with this bone chilling cold.

leh local city tour

Alchi Monastery

Sonam arrived at that time and we started our local tour. We headed straight to Alchi monastery which is at a distance of 66 kms from Leh. There were many ancient temples but all closed and not a single soul was surrounding so we were discussing what to do. In the midst of our discussion, I noticed a monk coming to us and asked if we wish to visit the temples.

He unlocked the doors and we entered into the temple. The walls of temple are adorned with paintings related to Buddhism.

First Day in LADAKH

We thanked to monk and he also told us about the Indus view point in backyard of monastery, we walked up there and the sight has amazing beauty. Green colored river flowing surrounded by high mountains. We took some shots and headed back to our taxi.

local city tour

Likir Monastery

The next attraction is also a monastery – Likir, a monastery again but more attractive than Alchi. Clicked some shots and moved on.

local city tour

We stopped for lunch somewhere in the middle of our way and then stopped at confluence of Zanskar and Indus rivers (aka Sangam).

Confluence of Indus & Zanskar Rivers

local city tour

I loved this place very much & in fact all 4 of us loved the sight very much, green Indus and blue Zanskar meet at this point and turn into a great formation. We did photography for more than 1 hour. In the distance, at other side of river I spot an animal sitting aside a small rock and driver told us that it is ibex. Ibex are wild goats live in the higher mountains.


I am standing on it and can feel the magic of frozen Zanskar river. A river that provides river rafting in summer months while in winters it gets completely frozen and turns into most glamorous and adventurous trek in the world – Frozen Chadar Trek.

Isn’t it a magic that you can find in Ladakh only and no where else? It is an awe-inspiring sight nevertheless.

Magnetic Hill & Gurudwara Pathar Sahib

It was getting colder now as sunlight getting down so driver Sonam suggested to leave. Our next stop was Magnetic Hill, another magical sight. Magnetic hill has long been a source of our curiosity and so we couldn’t resist ourselves to try it’s magic. Driver parked the car and car left out of the gear started moving uphill against gravity. Surprisingly amazing!


After magnetic hill we stopped at Gurudwara Pathar Sahib which is a high altitude religious place and well maintained by army. We had tea and prasad and listened the amazing story associated with the place.

The final stop over was Hall of Fame but while we reached there, its already closed. But Rigzin assured us to arrange a visit of Hall of Fame on our final day in leh. So with this assurance we returned back to hotel.

Route Information

The route we followed – Leh -> Alchi -> Likir -> Nimmoo(Confluence of Indus & Zanskar) -> Magnetic Hill -> Leh

  • Leh to Alchi – 70 Kms
  • Alchi to Likir – 21 Kms
  • Likir to Nimmoo – 22 Kms
  • Nimmoo to Magnetic Hill – 7.5 Kms
  • Magnetic Hill to Leh – 27 Kms

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