The journey begins

After all the planning it was the final day. 23rd night we tried to sleep but couldn’t, while by 11 pm both Amit & Alissa reached Delhi airport and waiting for us. So we started getting ready and reached there by 3:15, quite early as Air india flight was scheduled for 5:55 but we wanted to spend some time with our travel buddies & get to know each other before starting the trip.

Altitude Acclimatization Day
Boarding the flight

Flight took off right on time and soon we were flying over Zanskar range. The view outside of the window was wonderful and just breathtaking. Don’t believe me, judge it by yourself.

Altitude Acclimatization Day

arial view of Himalayas

After sometime, pilot announced that soon we’ll be landing at Leh airport. Though it was not a smooth landing, with a jolt we landed at this dreamland.

The temperature outside is -4° and we were able to feel that cold & thin air. There’s a big board notifying the visitors about acclimatization and it is being announced as well. We have collected our luggage and walked outside.

Rigzin already informed us that he’ll send someone else at the airport to pick us up as he is out of Leh. We’ve called that guy and he was already waiting for us. It took 10-15 mins to reach hotel.

Altitude Acclimatization Day
Leh altitude

Altitude Acclimatization Day

The hotel was very good with central heating, and they welcomed us with hot tea. We were relaxed as it’s acclimatization day today to prevent AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and to help our body adjust to thin air & altitude. The view from the room was just amazing. I can see the Shanti Stupa at one side and Leh Palace at other side from my room’s window.

How I planned to see Ladakh in Winter

After got freshen up, we had breakfast in the hotel and later called Rigzin to come and discuss the itinerary. He came late after noon and we discussed our plan for next 8 days. Later we went on terrace and did some photography. It was quite cold or it may not but our body was trying to acclimatize and we could stay there for 15-20 mins only.

Altitude Acclimatization Day

How would you feel if you are on a holiday but in the name of acclimatization, you just have to stay in the hotel on your first day. I couldn’t really understand this before landing in Leh. But I can now feel it and let me tell you it does exists and I’ve seen the effects of not following it.

There was a family in our hotel and even after all instructions everywhere, they slept all the day on first day and felt serious health issues later and worst the case they had to go back on next day only.

Strange? Yes, you need an acceptable adaptation period & a long nap will not help your body to adapt high altitude. 

Ladakh is not just another hill station, you need to follow all the instructions else get ready to see your holiday ruined.

Well, we spent some time in the room only and later in early evening we headed to market. Market was so clean and only few locals were there.

Altitude Acclimatization Day

We had some snacks at Neha sweets. This is a famous shop in leh market specially for chole bhature & samosa chat. Normally Leh market get closes in winter by 4:30-5 o’clock, only a few shops remain open. We returned to the hotel and later after the dinner at 7.30, got into our warm and comfortable room.

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