Tso Moriri – Most beautiful lake in Ladakh

We spent our best time at Tso Moriri and then moved back towards Kyagar Tso, a small and beautiful saline water lake at an altitude of 15,436 ft. It was completely frozen and surrounded by towering mountains.

Kyagar tso

We loved being on frozen ice sheet once again & clicked some amazing shots.

Kyagar tso

Rigzin asked us not to stay for more as the weather is highly unpredictable in this region and it takes only minutes to get sun down and turns into a thunderstorm or snowstorm at any time of the year (and we were there in peak winter).
Also, Driving at this altitude through rugged terrain, in such terrible conditions is no less a challenge.

kyagar tso

We didn’t stay there for long as we had to cover a pretty much long distance today, we left that place and moved to our next destination Tso Kar lake.

sumdo village changthang
Abandoned Sumdo village

sumdo village changthang

There was no road only undulating dirt track so the journey took a bit longer inspite of the total distance.
Though we would travel only 60 kms to reach Tso kar but it is more difficult on this uneven dirt terrain and broken roads.

tso kar

We and these Kiangs were the only moving bodies, rest all was still, stunning landscape, no civilization
and it feels like we were in another world.

About Tso Kar

tso kar
Salt Lake – Tso Kar

Tso kar is the smallest of 3 high altitude lakes in Ladakh region. It is located in Rupshu valley at 4530 mtr above sea level, about 90 kms from Tso Moriri.
The water of this lake is salty which make it call as Salty/White lake. A large number of salt gets deposited at lake shores which earlier used to be sold all over ladakh by nomadic people of Changthang region.

Tso kar wetlands attracts a numerous migratory birds and hosts wildlife which includes tibetan wild ass (Kiangs), Tibetan wolfs and marmots.

changthang region ladakh

Started further.. We did not fill the breakfast in the morning and therefore everyone now seemed to have strong appetite but wait, there’s not a single man we found our way from Tso moriri to Tso kar (even till Karu).
All the food items we had, had been finished. We were still hungry but with no option left to get food there. We were just marking an endless journey or it may be a test of our endurance as well.

Driving a little further for few kilometers, this road leads to Leh Manali highway. The road is very well paved now, all the way upto Leh.

leh manali highway

Those hairpin bands of Tanglang la that too, we were crossing empty stomach, was the condition of like our heart in mouth.

taglangla pass ladakh

About Tanglang La

This claims to be the second highest mountain pass in Ladakh and nestled at 5328 meter above sea level. This was the most picturesque pass I believe in all the highest passes we had been to. It provides a scenic view of surrounding mountains and there is no construction except a small temple.

It was a sight to behold indeed, and you can also take a photo with the sign board that claims that you are at Second hightest motorable road in the world & highest point on Leh Manali highway.
We didn’t find even a single soul here, except only the very much cold and stronger winds and so we couldn’t stay more than 15 minutes.

taglangla pass ladakh

From here onwards AMS started showing its effects, I was feeling dizziness because of strong hunger. Now all the enthusiasm was getting disappeared, was only curious to reach Leh at earliest.
After half and an hour or so at Upshi, we stopped for food and that was around 5:30PM. We filled our appetite here and then only could be able to feel the surroundings.

It took another hour to reach Leh after almost 12 hours journey in the rugged terrain of Ladakh. We breathed a sigh of relief as we reached our hotel. It was the longest day journey of our Ladakh trip.

taglangla pass ladakh
Taglangla Altitude – 17582 ft

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