My winter trip to Ladakh

Time flew so quickly and here it’s our final day in Ladakh and also the last day of 2016. We had no fixed plans for the day and decided to take it slow. After a long and tiring previous day’s journey, we had a comfortable sleep and had nothing to do much. We decided to roam around Leh and decided to see Shanti Stupa, Leh palace and Hall of Fame(Rigzin kept his promise to take us to hall of fame on final day). Around 10:30AM after breakfast we set out with Rigzin to see the unseen Leh 🙂

We were on the same road on first day of our journey and today on final day of journey. Being in Ladakh was a wonderful experience for me which I can not forget my whole life. I experienced the life of those people who are happy even being in such extreme weather conditions. They have no complaints from their life at all. Well, after a while we reached Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame

It is a museum cum war memorial which is constructed & maintained by the Indian Army. It’s actually a wonderful tribute to all our soldiers who had lost their lives in the Indo-Pak wars.

By going to such places, listening to their stories, we feel more respect to our soldiers. There are many things in the museum which will definitely make your eyes fill & feel proud on those soldiers who sacrified their lives to protect us (A Grand Salute to our Soldiers).

The museum showcases all the details of war, achievements of our soldiers, battle gears and other weapons which our army captured into the war. The letters written by our soldiers, demonstration of extreme situations of killer Siachen, where armed force deployed all the time to protect us will definitely make your heart heavy.

We see the invisible,

Feel the intangible, 

Achieve the impossible – The Indian Army

In a separate room, you will also find the display of history, geography, culture, tribes and landscape of Ladakh. The section which I like the most was the showcasing of Siachen Glacier, and this will touch your soul when you come to know about the conditions where the Army serves the Nation. I guarantee that you will come outside with heavily heart.

War memorial

We came outside, took many photographs and then headed to Leh Palace.

Leh Palace

A monastery at hilltop seen from Leh Palace!!

It’s a 17th century royal palace, located in the leh city. Once you get there, you will find it interested as it is the 9 storey building and tallest of its time as they told us. Most of the time, I’ve not much interest in seeing historic places but still I loved this palace. It looks like an ancient Tibetan architecture and actually inspired from Potala palace (Lhasa).

Leh Palace

When you get inside the palace, you’ll have amazing views of Leh city and surrounding mountains from every floor. The views from the top of the palace are just amazing.

View from Leh Palace

Shanti Stupa can also be seen as a magnificent structure perched at a hilltop surrounded by high mountains.

Captured from Leh Palace!!

Shanti Stupa

A white dommed architecture, which was constructed as a part of Peace Pagoda Mission. Shanti stupa can be reached either by road or by climbing some 500 steps. It is situated at an altitude of 11,841 ft.

The main attraction of this place is it’s location which provides excellent panoramic views of surrounding landscape. It really doesn’t matter which season you are coming here, the beauty of this place will surely fascinate you. You can have amazing 360° views of valley and stock range of mountains.

View from Shanti Stupa

This was the wonderful day we spent, returned to the hotel, thanked to Rigzin for all the support. Later, we packed all our stuff and then had a grand dinner in hotel on New Year’s eve. There were numerous guests came to celebrate New Year in Leh. We welcomed new year 2017 in that deadly winter night 😉

Happy New Year 2017 – This was certainly not a trip only, but a journey and a lifetime experience which I will cherish forever in my life. This trip introduced us to Amit and Alissa who were unknown before the trip started, but now become life long friends.

It was now time to fly back to Delhi and to get back to our normal life. With a feeling of sadness we turned to wave goodbye to Amit & Alissa and left the dreamland behind us.

A trip with strangers turned into the best way of travel!!

Julley!! I hope you liked my travel tales of Ladakh. I’ll come up with a new travel destination again. KEEP TRAVELLING 🙂



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