Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.

Yes, I’ve done it and that also in winters. A traveler’s dream and a journey for lifetime.

Can you imagine staying at a place that can be colder than your freezer? Mercury can plummet to -30 degree celsius where water turns into ice quickly where there is no running water only severe cold but still life goes on..It is Never seen before LADAKH.

My winter trip to Ladakh
Winter trip to ladakh
Frozen river

Here is how it started –

Ladakh in peak winters? You guys are crazy? What do you want to do? This was the reaction of all the people when we talked about going Ladakh for Christmas and new year celebration. Some of them even said that Ladakh gets inaccessible during winters. I told them no, not really!

Planning a trip to Ladakh for the first time and that too in peak winters isn’t a very good idea I knew, but I really wanted to experience this dreamland’s truest beauty in its harshest form. So I chose winters.

Planned trips never happens, only unplanned gets success.

Winter trip to ladakh

Ladakh had always been in our bucket list, but I didn’t know it would be so sudden. 2 months before our trip I asked Anuj that this time Let’s plan for Ladakh and he said we’ll plan it later in summer as he too concerned about weather. But I already started my research, knowing that he needs a little time to say YES 😉

In a travel forum, I posted about the suggestions of winter trip to Ladakh, there I met 2 people and they too were planning to go on same dates. We shared our contacts and talked to each other and finally decided to do it together.
Amit (Kolkata) & Alissa (Bangkok)!

We discussed our plans, itineraries and started preparing ourselves for extreme conditions.

Winter trip to ladakh

We booked the flights one month before and again after a lot of research, didn’t have any choice for taxi other than Rigzin. So we took the confirmation from Rigzin in time. This is the first time of all of us to Ladakh and we were well aware of extreme winter conditions.

We decided to book a hotel with central heating and booked 4 nights with The Singge Palace & also confirmed with them to adjust nights in case if we couldn’t come/go to leh, that might be a case because of weather conditions and on good they agreed upon this.

Now flights booked, hotel booked and taxi also. So the main focus is on packing stuff and winter gears to shop & pack.

Day 1 – 24th Dec 2016

Leh local city tour – 25th Dec 2016

Drive to Khardungla Pass & Nubra Valley – 26th Dec 2016

Day 4 – Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake via Tangste – 27th Dec 2016

An evening at Pangong Tso & Back to Tangste

Day 5 – Tangste to Leh via Changla Pass – 28th Dec 2016

Day 6 – Leh to Chumathang – 29th Dec 2016

Tso Moriri – Most beautiful lake in Ladakh – 30th Dec 2016

30th Dec 2016 – Tso Moriri – Kyagar Tso – Tso Kar – Taglangla Pass – Leh

New Year 2017 Celebration in Ladakh


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