March 8, 2016 – Almora to Kausani

After Almora and Binsar, now we were heading to Kausani. It is also known as Mini Switzerland of India, and the person who gave this title was Mahatma Gandhi.

There is another story behind this. Gandhi ji came to this place and decided to stay here for 2 days only but he was so impressed with the beauty of this place that he spent another 12 days here and titled this place ‘Switzerland of India‘, which suits it indeed. During his stay he worked on one of his best writings ‘Anasakti Yoga’. He stayed at Anashakti Ashram which offers a panoramic view of majestic peaks Mt. Nanda Devi, Mt. Trishul & Panchachuli peaks.

Kausani is situated at an elevation of 6200 ft from sea level. Though it receives tourism throughout the year nonetheless I found it less crowded & less commercialized than other hill stations.

Heritage Resort

It took us one hour & half to reach Kausani. Accommodation was pre booked at Heritage Resort. Resort is located 3 kms ahead from main kausani market on Bageshwar route. Its a beautiful resort isolated from main town makes you feel that you are in the middle of nature. You can find tea gardens and shawl factory as nearby attractions from the resort.
We checked-into resort, and surprisingly we were the only guest staying in the resort for that day..So you can assume what ambiance & hospitality we would have received 😉

But my eyes were looking for something which I didn’t get to see yet – The snow clad mountains. And so apparently Kausani didn’t appeal to me at first sight.

I asked a guy from resort staff when can be The Himalayan range be seen, and he told me that early morning sunrise time we can view. So I took a promise from him to wake up us early morning next day.

After having a warm shower, we started our day. Amazing food with great views we had our lunch. Afterwards we decided to roam out Kausani tea gardens and then tried to climb up the nearby hill with a small trail, and after so many up & down in the hills, we back to resort in the evening.

Kausani Mini Switzerland of India

It started getting cold in the evening, so we clothed ourselves in jackets & sitting outside of our room. They have setup a wooden hammock in the garden area, from where one can see wonderful views of mountains and valley and most of our time in the resort we spent on that hammock only.. I liked it very much 😉

No office, no phone calls, no social network, only the precious moments which we hardly get in our daily lives. We walked together on those little trails, drinks & then danced on music arranged by staff & eventually bonfire dinner..what more? Well, that’s superfluous.

Bageshwar Temples

We woke up hearing door bell and Anuj opened the door. The same guy was standing outside in the chilly morning, said – Sir, The complete range is clearly visible now. Please come outside and see. I’ve also setup a telescope for you to have a close look of the Himalayas. We really impressed with him, how responsible and trustworthy the mountain people are.

I looked outside the window sitting on the bed and I was amazed to see the Himalayan range very clear. Well, I am not an early riser but if I get such views every morning, I’ll become the one evidently.

By now we came outside covered in jackets, it’s still dark outside, but we could see snow capped mountains very clear. OMG!! I was just hooked by seeing through the telescope. This is my very first magnified look at those great Himalayas. 
Now the sun also has started to rising and it’s really hard for me to take my eyes off the snow peaks. Those white peaks suddenly turned into the burning orange color. We enjoyed it for about an hour.

Bagnath Temples

After a mesmerized sunrise we had a good breakfast and set out our plan for Baijnath temples & bageshwar. We started our day journey in a local bus which I found a good idea to know the local people & their culture. It dropped us at Baijnath in 35-40 mins. It is a peaceful place, group of very old, ancient & beautiful temples of lord Shiva-Parvati. One of our resort staff told us that the baijnath temple complex was built in just one night, Amazing! Isn’t it?

Stayed for sometime and then caught another bus to Bageshwar-prominent for Bagnath temples. Bagnath is an another ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva & situated at the confluence of rivers Saryu & Gomti. Spent sometime there and later we returned back to resort.
Kausani - Mini Switzerland of India

we found more guests in the resort as we arrived & introduced with each other. We all spent a good time in the evening and had a tasty dinner followed by music and bonfire.

Rudrahari Waterfalls & Kausani tour

We already fixed our plan for Rudrahari waterfalls but in the morning a family staying at resort invited us to come along. We joined them and started our way to waterfalls. No public conveyance available for this route, only hired/personal car will allow you to make your way to waterfall.

To reach there, one has to take 2-2.5 kms trek, actually not a trek it is an easy uphill walk. Once you reach there up, there’s a small water stream and a temple, a peaceful sight. We stayed there for sometime and made our way back to the resort. Since we didn’t want to end our day journey so early, we urged them to drop us in the main town.


Kausani tour

We stopped over at main kausani market & inquired about the way to Anasakti Aashram. Here again! This is the place where Mahatma Gandhi made his stay and so it pays tribute to Gandhi Ji. There is a statue and a prayer hall which has rare photographs of Mahatma Gandhi. Limited accommodation is also available there for visitors. Overall, the tranquility of this place will force you to make a stopover.

Well, still we are not in mood to end up our day. So we decided to roam around in search of food. After a lot of search, found a nice restaurant situated up from the road. We had delicious lunch with good views and decided to go resort by walk which is approx 3.6 kms from the kausani market. After a long stroll we came to resort & its already got dark. We directly went to our cottage & took rest for sometime. After a while we were called for dinner.


When we came out from our cottage, it was drizzling. We went to dining area, had dinner & headed back to our room. So far the rain started to be heavily, so we didn’t have any option other than to stay in the room. Notwithstanding its our final day in the resort, a bombshell was on it’s way that night. Soon after we fell asleep, all of sudden, both of us woke up scared by the sound of thunder in the middle of the night. That thunder was so loud that we couldn’t hear anything else. Just tongue tied, couldn’t speak a word. I was praying hard to stop the rain but rains don’t give up so easily in the mountains. It continued for another 3-4 hours and we couldn’t sleep.

Back to Delhi

Today’s morning we came up with a completely different Kausani from where we were staying since 4 days. We came outside from our room and astonished by the beauty after that rainstorm. The Himalayan peaks were standing tall in front of my eyes to astounding to my naked eyes. Those peaks came out from behind the clouds and now clouds have covered the valley, moving very fast across the valley – A perfect landscape.

kausani after rainstorm

The Himalayas always looks so spectacular and different that every time you see it whether using telescope, binocular or seeing with your naked eyes, it never looks precisely the same as you seen it previously. It’s really a great morning of my life but final day in Kausani.

kausani Himalayas

The best part of this trip was that we had enough time to live in the nature and rejuvenate us. My visit to this small hamlet will never fade away from my memory.


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