After Almora sightseeing we decided to make a visit to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

7th March 2016 – Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

We woke up early and got ready quickly. The driver arrived in on given time and we started. Earlier we didn’t have any plan for Binsar but seeing that it is too close to Almora and we can cover it in 1 day trip, we decided to go for it.

Well, it was a sunny day but I was feeling the super cool breeze to my face because of climate change as we were moving closer to sanctuary. It was all surrounded by dense pine forests at lower altitude and rhododendron & oak at higher areas, chilly windy roads through the hills and forests.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Here, Let me clear you that Binsar is not a place, it’s a wildlife sanctuary 32 kms from Almora at a good elevation of 2412 mts.

The road was quite narrow but maintained in a great way. Soon we reached to forest reserve check post which is 22 kms from Almora, paid entrance fees which is 150/- per person & 250/- for cab. You can see a big instruction board about do’s and don’t inside the sanctuary. From check post, distance remains 10 kms.

Kausani – Mini Switzerland of India

After some 5-6 kms we saw a small, ancient shiva temple. Many local kids were playing cricket in the small ground attached by temple side. We stopped there to make a visit. It was really blissful to have darshan of Lord Shiva as the day was Mahashivaratri. We stayed there for half n hour.

Few mins after we reached to the final point where car can reach up to. From here one has to trek 2 kms to reach Zero Point, the highest point in that area. This 2 km trek will take you through the dense forest.

Zero Point –

We started towards Zero point and the trail was quite easy nature walk. There’s a complete silence inside the sanctuary and not many folks were around. You can explore the wilderness and admire the beauty of the place.

At zero point, there is a tower constructed to watch mighty Himalayas & bird watching. Though we couldn’t see higher range because of clouds, but beauty of nature was all around us. We stayed there for more than 2 hours. We did nothing but admiring the serenity of that place, enjoyed chirping sound of birds, clicking so many photographs & watching those beloved mountains..


I wanted to stay there even more but because we didn’t have an accommodation there so we had to get out of it prior to closure. Thinking of come again, we started our way back to Almora, saying Bye to Binsar!!


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