What would be more delightful than planning a trek in Himalayas for a mountain lover if you have upcoming 3-4 days long weekend 😉
It was 3 days long weekend in October first week and I decided to take Bhrigu lake trek with my partner. We booked the trek with a trek organizer and started on Friday night to reach our base camp Manali.

Bhrigu lake trek
Let’s get ready!!

One can complete this trek in 3 days and need to cover approx 26 Kms. Though physical fitness is required but terrain is not so difficult. Again, acclimatization is very important and if you are well acclimatized then you can enjoy this beautiful trail.

Trek Details

Distance:- 26-28 Km
Duration: 3 days
Difficulty: Moderate

Day 1

We reached Manali after 20 hours of journey(due to heavy traffic jams). It took us another one and half of hour to get shower & hurried lunch at a restaurant on mall road. We were total 11 & other group of 5 didn’t reach Manali till now. So we decided to move further with one guide as it’s already very late to start.

bhrigu lake

So all of us with one guide started by a taxi towards Gulaba. Gulaba is 1 hr distance from Manali, and trail starts here at 22 mod. Its 4:30 PM by now & we were out now to start on a well marked trail. Our camp site is Raula kholi & distance is approx 8 Kms from here.

Trek Starts Now

A gradual ascent through the lush green forest right from the beginning & after 30 minutes, we reached to an open grass meadows. It has many camps setup as many trekking agencies camp here on first day.

We continued further because all our camping equipment were already sent on mules to our campsite in the morning only. So we didn’t have option of camping anywhere else before Rola Kholi.

open grass meadows

Till now, it was completely dark and when walking a couple of minutes, trail was seen leading to 2 different directions. And then, our guide dropped a bombshell by telling us that he is not aware of actual trail & denied to continue hiking in the dark because there is no point to contact with other team in case if we lost our trail. So he asked us to wait for another group to join us which was leading by the main guide.

Looking behind at the trail we followed

We had no choice but to wait for them. The grass was completely wet from the dew & it became super cold. We had no other way than to withstand the stormy winds till the other group joined us. Waited for more than an hour & when they joined, we came to know that a girl is badly affected by AMS. But there was no chance to get her back to Manali as we were more close to camp site.

AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness)

We have been continuously travelling from Delhi to Manali(6725 ft) & will be camping at Rola Kholi (12600ft), which is a considerable gain in altitude in just one day. So if your body is not acclimatized, you can easily get hit by AMS & the same happened to that girl.

Bhrigu lake

Our guide asked all of us to walk together. But after walking few steps, she lost the courage & lay down. Well, I didn’t even imagine what happened, our guide picked her up on his back and started walking uphill. I was just next to him and thought I would help him look at the trail using my torch but he was well aware of that trail & he didn’t really need it.

Strolling under the stars

We kept hiking up high & higher unaware of our surroundings. The trail became completely unknown in the dark and we had no idea of how long we need to cover. But this remained actually beneficial for us as we couldn’t see the campsite so we kept walking while assuming that we are close to it.

In 3 hours of hiking up further using torches, 2-3 water streams cut across the trail. We helped each other crossing those streams and kept strolling under the millions of stars towards our camp site & eventually reached camp site at 11 PM almost dead. Later, we had dinner and retired to our tents. But I was hardly able to get any sleep that night as my sleeping bag was unable to protect me from biting cold.

Bhrigu lake
Result of when I didn’t get any sleep 😉

Will be continued..


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