Day 2

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In the morning we found ourselves surrounded by towering mountains on all sides. We witnessed first sun rays peeping over towering Mt.Hanuman Tibba. Everyone wanted to capture this moment through their lens.

Hanuman Tibba
First sun rays over Mt. Hanuman Tibba

After some photography session we got ready, had breakfast and headed to Bhrigu lake.

bhrigu lake trek

The distance is 6 kms from campsite. Trail till lake was gradient but steep at some stretches. Beautiful mountain landscapes accompanied us along the way. Though trail is difficult but amazing vistas kept us walking.

bhrigu lake trek
Looking behind at our campsite. How tiny it looks now 😉

The trickiest was the rugged & steep boulders section which is really challenging and by this time the weather turned out cloudy but we continued to hike submerging ourselves into the captivating landscape.

bhrigu trek, manali
This is where the loose boulders starts

bhrigu lake

Bhrigu trek
Rugged & Steep
bhrigu trek
Really steep, soon clouds covered us completely

Clouds covered the valley very soon while we were crossing this section.

bhrigu trek
Clouds covering the valley

Bhrigu lake trekStone cairns were lined up through out the trail till lake. Now trail turns into gradual climb for next couple of minutes & then again a steep climb for almost 30 minutes takes you to the beautiful and holy Bhrigu lake eventually. So it took us 3 hours to reach the lake.

bhrigu trek
A visible chain of hikers reaching the lake
Bhrigu Lake
Here’s we arrived

Bhrigu Lake

About Bhrigu Lake

It’s a small emerald colored alpine lake located at an elevation of 4300 meters & surrounded by mountains. It is believed that Sage Bhrigu meditated here for many years and this is what makes it a sacred lake for locals.

Bhrigu LakeWe strolled around the lake and kept ourselves soaking in the beauty of captivating lake, there was a board informing that camping is not allowed by lake side. After staying for more than an hour we started our way back to Rola Kholi campsite.

Bhrigu Lake



Next Later in the evening, after dinner, our guide made a bonfire and we spent really good time chatting around it. This is how we called it a day and retired into our camps.

Bhrigu lake
Heading back to Gulaba

Next morning we started back to Gulaba and again 1 hour to reach Manali & this is how this beautiful trek ends here.

Bhrigu lake

Manali as seen while heading back to Gulaba


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